Oct 31 2010

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The recorder ran out of space in the middle of the night, so it didn't catch Adam's sleep-talking. But here's what I was able to type out before it flew out of my head:
"You know what looks good on you. Come on, you know. Yeeaahhhh... ( long pause) It's me! I do! Jesus, you're thick!"
And here is our conversation just after Adam woke up
ADAM: I feel awful.
KAREN: Aw, baby.
ADAM: My glands are swollen, my nose is stuffed, my head hurts, and alms for a leper.
KAREN: ... What?!
ADAM: ... Nothing. Never mind.
KAREN: Did you fall asleep right in the middle of talking?
ADAM: Yeah.
KAREN: What the hell?
ADAM: I had a really clear vision that I was in Life of Brian, and I was the leper begging, "alms for a leper."
KAREN: Oh! I thought you'd said, "Arms for a leper."
Now, there is a reason that I figured that Adam would be talking about arms. We spent all day yesterday working on our Halloween costumes. Perhaps a couple of pictures will explain my assumption:

Yes, I am a spider, Adam is a fly, and that is my saran-wrap (aka cling film) web around him.

By the way, I am NOT that tiny compared to Adam. He's just 5'8", so that would make me, what, four and a half feet tall? It's just the perspective of the image.