summer activities

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Over the summer we have continued our renovation work program on the top floors and the rooftops of Bayt al-Andalus.

The Marrakesh guest room is now fully operational, with an almost permanent occupation of tourists and businesspeople having chosen Bayt al-Andalus as their preferred Antwerp stay-over place. Typically, our guests stay from just one to 5 or 6 days. Our guests are also frequently using our other facilities (library, garden). For your inspiration, we have some great reviews - which we are rather proud of (see here). If you would like to stay with us, best is to either contact us directly, or book over or airbnb.

This done, we have shifted our focus to the Cordoba hall: a multi-functional space which can either be a sitting lounge for guests, a reading room, a hoffice, a presentation hall, a training room, a meeting room. Cordoba is scheduled to be fully functional by the spring of next year.

Work on the top floor also brought its unexpected sidelines and costs: We discovered that the roofing badly needed repair at several places, and opted to stop all other work for a week and concentrate on putting up a new roofing instead.

Lastly - we started working on a long-cherished dream; of finding more sustainable ways of living an working in a cityscape. With this in mind, we have developed the first outline of our rooftop gardens, where we aim at creating an organic cycle with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, a chicken run, and a compost facility - all fed by rainwater collected and dispersed over the gardens without any external input of additional energy.

The structural works are done. The chickens have arrived. The composter is at work. If all runs well, the gardens proper should get on track by next spring.

Do follow up, or come over and visit us - and add your ideas and feedback to our projects, will you?