Cost of sleeping Implants.

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When you lose a tooth, you don't just lose a tooth. Bone surrounding the tooth will shrivel away as it becomes redundant.  And bone is everything in dental implantology. The longer you delay implant treatment, the more your bone will shrink, complicating implant surgery and restoration in the future. It's a pity that many patients have been unable to have implants placed soon after they had their teeth extracted due to various personal reasons and economic conditions.

When these people are finally ready to restore their lost teeth, these teeth may have been missing for many years. Bone deficiency may result in painful, complicated surgery and a high risk of implant failure which advanced practitioners are so familiar with.
What is the best way to prevent your precious bone from melting away like an ice cube? You place an implant into that spot within 2 months after extraction. In some cases, we can even insert the implant on the day of the extraction. That implant can stay sleeping underneath your gums until you are ready to restore it. 

How much does that cost you? Just $300 in cold cash. 

No, we're not kidding. For implant surgery, you can pay up to $900 from your Medisave account. We take a total of $1200, so you only pay $300 in cash. When you are ready to restore the implant (after graduation, landing a job etc), we can restore it for you for $1800. Or if you want another dentist to restore it, we wouldn't mind either. We just don't want people to lose their precious bone simply because they can't afford implants at a certain time in their lives. 

Please note that if you choose to have another dentist restore your implants, we will take no responsibility for the outcome of the restoration.