Pelvis Woes

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Had a little unintended blog hiatus for a few weeks... but I'm back!

I've been seeing this chiropractor for a couple of weeks, and I'm feeling cautiously optimistic.

He took some pelvic X-rays and is working on fixing the rotation of my pelvis that's leading to all of these right-side injuries.

Interesting pelvic X-ray sidenote:  Did you know that X-rays have the image of soft-tissue as well as bone?  I guess I never realized that, until my lady bits were on display in high-res on Mr. Chiro's computer screen.  Yikes.  Hello flabias, I haven't seen you since this morning.

Anyway.  Here's the gist of my diagnosis, and now that I'm thinking about drawing this, I should've just asked for a copy of the X-ray.

Here's the front view of a normal lady pelvis:


See those two little holes on each side of the bottom?  My X-ray doesn't look like this.  The left side looks normal, but the right side has an appearance of having a small slit instead of a hole because it's tilted so far forward (or backward, I don't really pay attention).

So this is making my right leg longer, and it's causing all of the issues I've been having (minus the lightening bolt pubic hair, that's only in my dreams.)

Mr. Chiro also did a foot scan, and it showed that the arch on my left foot has dropped enough to cause mild overpronation, and I'm going to try out orthotics for this.  As soon as the inserts come in, I'm going to be cleared to try to run again.

Honestly, I'm worried that my long distance running days are over.  If he can't correct the pelvis alignment, there's just not any way I can run and not have constant, severe injuries.

I've not signed up for any races this year - except Ragnar... but that's only a couple of miles, right?  Should be fine.  :)  

I really felt touched (in a loving, mostly non-sexual way) by the emails I got from a few blogger friends  during my hiatus wondering if I'd jumped off a cliff.  Never fear, I've just been drinking heavily and crying all day  spending some time away from the computer.  So, thanks for being awesome!