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    Television is the one of most important visual media we use in our daily life. November 21 is celebrated as the world Television day. We can discuss some interesting facts and working of television. Television is a system which can convert one kind of signal into another kind of signal, which is electrical or some other signals are converted in visual medium and and it displayed using some screen or monitor, mostly picture tube, but modern technology changed these picture tube and all in LED displays and LCD displays. Main working of television is nothing but converting of sound signals and visual signals from one place into electrical signal and carring that signal to another place and displaying there as in its original form by converting the electrical signal into visual and sound signals.
    "Tele" Greek word for Distance and "Videra" Latin word for vision, these two words combined to form Television.

      Scottish scientist John Log Bayord invented the television. Still before the invention of television some tests were done. After the invention of telegram and telephone there was a thread that videos also can be transmitted. In 1875 George Kari an American scientist invented a machine. Made some cells that convert the light rays into electrical signals. And placed a lenses in front of this cells. The light from a source is passed through the lens and made electrical waves to glow the bulb. Kari pay way for invention of television by this way of transmission method. Scanning systems by W E Soir (1880) and Paul Nipko (1883) also pay way to invention of television. The usage of Cathode Ray Tube in the television camera and receiver is the base of the
Development of television. Vladimir K Sorikkin found that by using Ionoscope electrical signals can be converted into light rays and when falls somewhere it can produce the corresponding image there . But he failed to transfer the visuals. American scientist Charles Francis Jenkins in 1925 as a result of his research he started telecasting pictures.

       Television came into wide exist after the second world war. Invention of photoconductivity of selenium in 1873 by Willoughby Smith, Paul nipko's scanning disc and Bayord moving picture laid stone for the mechanical television. First show of moving picture displayed at Paris in 1909. Georges Rignox and A Fornier were the backbone behind this show. Motion pictures came into its correct form in 1925. In early times John L Bayord moved only 5 pictures in a minute. After that he moved 12 pictures in a minute. In 1926 January 26 first television show took place in front of the Royal institution members and The Time media workers in Frith Street lab, London. In 1936 First public television was directed by BBC at Alexander Palace, London

     The traditional television(TV) was very big. Television(TV) was like an expensive thing and only rich people can by that. The television (TV) includes screen and turn dial controller is like a huge brief case. And it is used to display black and white pictures only.

     This kind of screen is widely used in the electronic equipments and the screen is very thin and flat. This screen was used in the calculator in the early time itself. Today using technologies cheap, low energy consuming best LCD's are developed. Now LCD's are used in mobile phones and computers.

      CRT which means cathode ray tube, contains electron gun and fluorescent screen. German scientist Ferdinant Brown invented the first model of the CRT(cathode ray tube). It is also called as brown tube. In 1907 with the help of cathode ray tube (CRT) Boris Rosing displayed geometric shapes. In 1934 Telephangun developed the carbide ray tube (CRT) commercially. By the invention of LCD's and plasma, the sales of CRT's decreased. In Cathode ray tube (CRT's) are widely used at 1980 at that time CRT's are also called as Live Aid TV.

     Plasma TV's are using the fluorescent bulbs. Red, Blue, Green colour Phosphorus is coated on small plasma cells arranged on the display. There will be glass panel gap between each plasma cells. It will be filled with neon, xenon. The pictures is displayed when this enters the Phosphorus cells. LED TV's are also available today. And research is going on for Internet TV.