Medical Check Up

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This morning I went to the hospital to do a medical check up. Not just me.. almost half of our class members also went with me.. We have to do a medical check up for the UPSI (next year all of us is going to continue our studying there).

At first my friend told me that say it well cost me about RM 80 to do the medical check up.. What the hell? I dont have that much of money. My father gave me RM 100 only for me to spend on food and other stuff and I've already spend all my allowance. (don't ask me what I do with my money ok).

Fortunately, yesterday someone told me that we have to pay RM 20 only to do the medical check up.. What?? RM 20 only?? WOW!! it super duper cheap... Yup, cheaper than my hometown (around RM 30 I guess).

So, all of us are very excited and willingly to do the medical check up here, in Sg Petani (before this some dont want to do it here because it too costly).. Hahaha..

Filling in the form

The BEST part of doing the medical check up in the morning is, you dont have to wait long for your turn to meet the doctors..

Only 6 more to go (including the 4 girl in my class)

Then we have to go to several places to do check up for:

  • Eyes (including measure in height, weight and bmi)
  • Teeth (simple check up only)
  • Urine (er.. im free from drugs ok. Ha3)
  • X-ray (humiliating moment)

First I go to X-ray place because all the girls going to the Eyes section first. When I entered the place, a young women ask me to open my shirt off. I ask where? She said "Here lah". Oh My god!! I've never ever take off my shirt in front of girl. Hahaha.. I was soo embarrassed but I act cool and macho. Ha3!. Well, she takes the picture (x-ray) and off I go to the next place, teeth check up.

Zack, Me and Pete waiting for our turn

The check up for the teeth are simple and quick. The doctor told me to lay on the chair, she check it up and its done! Ha3. So quick.. Maybe because I don't have any problem with my teeth. Well, I never had any problem with my teeth. Yup.. never. (",).

After that we went to the pathology place to have urine test.. Ha3. Well, I think most of you know what you have to do here.. We have to ehem2 in the tube given and give it to them. The girls actually cover up the tube with tissue paper! Ha3!! It was so funny..

Lastly, we go to check our eyes, height, weight and blood pressure.

Pete read the text beside him from inside the mirror infront him

I do the check up and the results are:

Height: 172cm
Weight: 76kg
Bmi: 26 (she said I'm fat! Huhuhuu..)
Blood pressure: I don't know. ha3.

Well, that's all.. I had a great time doing the medical check up. Last time it was soo boring. I have to wait for 2 hours to meet the doctors and it took me one whole day from morning to evening to finish all the check up. Thanks to Sean for driving us there, Fahmi for lending us to use his van, Alif, Ruby and all my friend who helped me in doing this medical check up. (",).

Thank you guys!