Lazy brush your teeth, Dental Mouth caring Tips 9 pregnant women

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Lazy brush your teeth, Dental Mouth caring Tips 9 pregnant women

In addition to maintaining the conditions of staying healthy, pregnant women also should pay attention to oral health. Hence, how?

The following is the full reviews, as reported by the tabloid Mom & Kiddie.

==> Use a soft toothbrush and size accordingly.

==> When pregnant women vomiting or often salivate, do not forget to rinse out with warm water, it could be labelled salt. Gargle with warm water is also beneficial to clean the rest of the fat-fat on the sidelines of the oral cavity and teeth.

==> If necessary select a toothpaste that does not stimulate the onset of allergies, especially for sensitive gums, and most importantly choose toothpaste that will make the condition of the mouth becomes fresher so not easy nausea.

==> Tooth brushing is Done correctly and the circular brush motions with the heart on the sidelines – between the teeth. Brush teeth towards the top to bottom and vice versa towards the bottom to the top. brushing my teeth at least 2 times a day (before and after sleep, better if every after meal).

==> When there is a glitch in the mouth which need to use mouthwash, we recommend that you look at the label on the packaging about the description of cons indication for pregnant women. The use of mouthwash, especially to overcome the bad breath causing bacteria and clean acidity on the oral cavity pregnant women need to consult a dentist.

==> Consumption of fibrous fruits that contain Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 because it is good for the gums.

==> Fill the need of calcium according to the advice of your doctor or midwife, especially from a source of natural food substances, because calcium is consumed by Cars is also absorbed by the prospective candidate for the baby.

==> Reduce consumption of foods that are sweet and sour, because this type of food like that tend to damage can cause problems to the teeth

==> When already experiencing dental problems during pregnancy, then the doctor needs to take action to deal with this problem. However, all acts like teeth whitening remedies, and other drugs, the use of X ray during the examination of the teeth, should be done after your baby is born. Although dental X ray radiation using a fairly small, but certainly should be avoided in order to further minimize the negative effects that may arise in infants.