Radiation Detected in British Columbia via Japan

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                In regards to the discovery of radiation in British Columbia, I am a strongly right-winged authoritarian. Usually I prefer to take a more moderate centrist or left-wing libertarian stand point, but in this specific situation I feel that the people need to take a backseat and allow the government to step forward. This issue is still very recent, but I believe that Canadians have the right of knowledge, and the government has failed to release full stories and/or other media reports concerning the well-being of citizens both physically and mentally. The public deserves the ability to obtain all possible information on this subject, and to be informed through the media. Clearly the dominant elite have filtered the stories in order to retain control and to avoid distress in British Columbia, but by doing so they have left the citizens next to clueless. Even though the radiation levels are not severely harmful, there are still existing issues concerning them. I would encourage the government to step in and get a hold on society before the people decide to take matters into their own hands and take any irrational course of action. For the quizzical viewers, here is what is currently occurring. Water sample test of sea water and rainfall have proven positive for increased levels of iodine in British Columbia. The iodine comes from radiation which is released from a nuclear reactor based in Japan; the reactor is currently under repair but is currently releasing radiation into the atmosphere which then travels through the air and is distributed through rainfall over the Pacific Ocean. The radiation is affecting the coastal regions of British Columbia, and poses an unpretentious health threat to civilians.

Increased levels of radioactive iodine have been detected in seaweed and rainwater samples in British Columbia
Scientists have concluded that a nuclear reactor in Japan is definitely the source
Scientists predict that iodine levels in British Columbia will continue to rise over the next 3 to 4 weeks, until the nuclear reactor in Japan ceases to release radioactivity into the atmosphere
The radiation found in British Columbia was carried by the jet stream, and is now falling over the West Coast with rain, which is mixing with sea water and accumulating in seaweed

Japanese fish products are no longer permitted to be imported to Canada due to harmful radiation

Health Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency and Transport Canada all must approve any vessels arriving at the port, and all packages go through a mandatory radiation screening process at the border

So far radiation waves are confined to the coastal regions of British Columbia, and are not expected to infect highly populated areas

Authorities in both Canada and Japan will continue monitoring radiation levels for the next month or so

Since the radiation is carried through the air, several new radiation monitors have been installed along the coastline of BC to measure the radiation levels in the air about the sea

Scientists have concluded that the radiation levels are not severely harmful to humans, and that they don’t suspect any further damage


Social & Cultural
Radiation from Japan is filtering into the water cycle of British Columbia

Fish and other sea life from Japan are contaminated à fewer exports

Radiation is distributed through rainfall which seeps into the soil and contaminates the crops and surface water sources

Forests are partially cleared in order to install Air Radiation Monitors
Government creates an exclusive persona for itself by holding back media content

Foreign affairs like trade decrease

Citizens may lose trust in the government

No major action has been taken à this makes the government appear weak
Society is fearful and takes great precaution à nobody wants to boat, fish, swim, etc. à loss of culture

Tourists choose not to travel to BC for health reasons à less income

Citizens allow precautions to filter into the workplace à concern takes over everyday life

Water products will not be bought

Fish and other sea products are not sold à fisherman lose business

Low productivity = lower economic wealth

Fishing is a major industry in BC and the radiation causes it to suffer

How did this issue start?
How should this issue be resolved?
During the earthquake in Japan, one of the largest nuclear reactor towers was severely damaged and has been releasing radiation into the atmosphere ever since

The radiation gets trapped in the clouds which travel through the jet stream (wind pattern) over the Pacific Ocean. The clouds then dispose of the radiation through rain which falls along the coastlines of British Columbia, contaminating their water supply and posing a health threat to the people
The government should utilize its position of authority to make the people aware of the current situation, and to implement safety precautions

The people of Japan should work to fix the nuclear reactor immediately

An explanation and apology should be given to the people of British Columbia from the leaders of their provincial government as well as the government of Japan

Environmental activists should seize this opportunity to make other coastal areas to test their water, and to start new environmental movements