Scalar Energy & Schumann Resonance for Radiation Protection

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Electromagnetic Field is an invisible electric and magnetic forces that exists in our surrounding. Artificial electromagnetic fields ( produced from electrical equipments and home appliances )which are caused by human activities and technologies. According to various research reports, EMF have been shown to cause biological stress. 

Side Effects of EMF:
1. According to various research, if someone is facing EMF exposure greater than 2 mG then this will be an initial stage of biological stress.  

Biological Stress via EMF Exposure
2. Continuous EMF exposure ranging from 2 to 12 mG can cause cancer and negative effects on immune system.

3. In most cases,If somebody is facing any critical problem lets say for sleep, mood regulation and overall health due to prolong EMF exposure above 12 mG. 

To overcome from this problem, everyday thousands of people looking for an alternative source having amazing EMF protection level without any side effects and on cheaper rates in comparison to standard medicine.

Quwave Harmonizing Products provide EMF protection:

In current scenario, QuWave Harmonizers are very important & valuable as a need of EMF protector due to the electrosmog.In our routine life, we are continuosly facing the problem of Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation from various EMF sources like mobile towers, cell phones, WiFi, Radio, satellite along with electric and magnetic fields from electrical wiring and appliances.

Quwave Energy Healing Products

The QuWave Harmonizer is one & only EMF blocking device that can balance all the electrical and electromagnetic systems that protects our body from harmful waves of emf. 

Block EMF waves
Quwave Harmonizer releases their positive energy at two different levels that relates to frequencies. One is Scalar Wave, which can be considered of a very high frequency and Second one is of a very low frequency named as Schumann Wave frequency. Quwave Harmonizers are available in various form. Each one has their own specific role. Quantum Pendant is a harmonizing pendant that works only when it comes in body's contact. These devices makes their perfect match-up with the frequency of body. In the mean time, body resonate with scalar and schumann wave for blocking out other interference. 

Beside the Quwave harmonizing technology, the concept of Scalar energy plays an important role to protect the body from EMF and heal-up health. It also provides protection to DNA system and health from the potential dangers of EMF radiation. 

Balance Body Frequency in Harmony

When somebody is inside of scalar/electromagnetic field of the QuWave, then he/she will notice that their body begin to slowdown and relax. Sometimes body/mind resonates at this optimum level for a period of time then immune system blossoms and body begins to heal.