Activity 1

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Scavenger Hunt Questions:
1. What are electrons?
2. What is a cathode ray tube?
3. Why did Thomson concluded that the cathode rays are negatively charge?
4. Describe and illustrate Sir Joseph John Thomson’s model of an atom

Search Engine:

Keyword(s) or Phrases used to conduct search:
1. Atom
2.Charge particles
3. Sir Joseph John Thomson
4. Cathode rays
5. Atom Model

Address and brief description of site visited:

1. URL:
This site gives information on electron’s charge and mass. It also discusses about the discovery of the electron.

2. URL:
This site provides a short biography of J.J. Thomson and his work on cathode rays.

3. URL:
This site discusses and illustrates J.J. Thomson’s model of an atom.

4. URL:
This site describes a cathode ray tube. It also gives historical information and applications of cathode ray tubes.

5. URL:
This site tells about Thomson’s experiment with the cathode rays and how the charges of the rays were discovered.