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Building Long-Term Relationships

Built specifically for teleradiology, StatRad is committed to forging strong relationships that yield sustainable results. By working with you based on your unique needs, we’re able to build partnerships that foster trust, enhance communication, and deliver results. When we started as a radiology group in 1995, we made an unbreakable commitment to grow our business based on our dedication to patient care and our relentless drive to maximize the success of radiology groups. Today, we’re staying true to our commitment—and our focus on building stronger relationships and facilitating better care continues to drive teleradiology forward.

The Declaration of Commitment
We’re committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in the industry by forging long-lasting relationships with radiology groups. That’s why you get a Declaration of Commitment immediately upon partnering with us. In our declaration, you get more than a description of our partnership—you get a legally binding contract that states we’ll never compete with your group for business. It’s another advantage of working with StatRad—and it gives you added assurance that we’ll never bypass your business for a larger contract—ever. 
“Our previous teleradiology providers couldn’t hold a candle to StatRad—
who has provided us with capabilities we never thought possible.
Patrick Browning, MD
Sutter Medical Group

“We believe that StatRad’s proprietary software combined with the
company’s mission can be an empowering tool to all local radiologist
groups looking to gain a competitive edge.”
Martin Engel, MD
Grass Valley Radiology 

“Now our ER team can rely on a StatRad radiologist phoning in results
to them almost immediately”
Steven Sorenson, MD
Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center 

“Before StatRad, our hospital PACS administrator manually scanned
reports into our system. Now updated reports are available in our PACS
system as soon as a study is complete.”
Michael Bowers, MD
Kaweah Delta District Hospital

“StatRad has become our clinical partner in excellence. As a Level One
Trauma Center, the University of California at Irvine has a diverse and
complex case mix. StatRad excels at improving processes and provider
communication so that results reporting is delivered quickly and clearly.
Our ER, administration, and own radiologists have been highly impressed
with the quality of StatRad’s teleradiology services.”
Ryan Olsen, Chief Administration Officer
University of California, Irvine