X Marks the Broken Spot

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For Day X of the A-Z challenge, I'm writing about a very expected word: X-ray.  When I was a kid, it was one of only two X words on the spelling list:  X-ray and xylophone.

Today, there are a few more options: Xerox, Xmas (this is actually in the dictionary), xylem (the woody stem of a plant), and The X-files. (I miss you, Mulder.)

I'm sticking with X-ray.  Only because I have such a doozy.

This is the shoulder of my 91 year-old mother.  It has a rod and pins in it that form the shape of a mutant praying mantis.  It's a huge apparatus that was installed to repair a terrible break in her right shoulder last year.

Right after her fall, her shoulder looked like this (warning: icky picture.)

A few weeks after surgery, it looked like this (still icky...)

During rehab, it looked like this...

Mom worked very hard, and after three months, her shoulder looked normal, but does not have the range of motion it once did.  She will never be able to pitch for the Orioles again.

X-rays are X-ceptional tools, and I'm X-tremely grateful for this technology.  Humpty-Dumpty might be around today if an X-ray machine had been available.

Have you ever had an X-ray that enabled doctors to put you back together again?