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When Rosa entered the dental implant center she had x- rays taken that showed that her tooth had to be removed.

Then she met the dentist who was a specialist with many years of speciality training in surgery and in implants.

He gave her a clinical exam. The exam and the X-rays confirmed the fact that the tooth needed to be removed. It also showed the location of her nerves, so that he implant could be placed safely.

The tooth was extracted, bone was placed and the dental implant was placed at the same time.

Another X-ray was taken to confirm the proper placement of the dental implant and bone.

The visit went very easily and outside of a little pinch from the needle, Rosa felt nothing.

We are offering a price of $799 for a single dental implant, $99 post and $899 crown. For a full set of teeth, we can discuss that when you get here. We will discuss the cost and your implant options. 

Dental Implants are 90% of what we do. Our entire office is dedicated to doing low cost dental implants at a very high quality. We use the highest quality in everything we give you. Our offices are dedicated to making your implant visits comfortable and your experience pleasant. 

Our price for tooth is $799 for a single dental implant, $99 abutment and $ 899 crown if you need more than one implant, come for a free consultation and you will know the difference and quality of our service. We invite you to explore our website:  to know more about our promotions. We are experts in Implant dentistry –low cost dental implants. We offer to keep your smile looking beautiful and healthy for a lifetime. 

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