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Never have I watched as many superhero-related movies in the last twenty-years combined than in the past two years.  Is it because today's generation is dying to meet a true-to-life superhero or is it because the world badly needs one? Whatever the reason is, superhero movies are exciting to watch.  It somehow reflects what is deep down inside of us.  Remember what Aunt May said to Peter Parker, "There's a hero in all of us..."  I believe that to be true. 

If we were to rank all the superheroes we know, who would you think is the top favorite?  Most popular?  Most well-loved?  I think, Superman will outrank them all in all three aspects.  

Superman is the first superhero movie I watched and I was in awe of his overwhelming powers.  The fact that he can fly, is "faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" (remember the cartoons?), can literary carry the weight of the earth and even spin it around and around was simply awesome!

Now, given the powers of Man of Steel for one (1) week, how would I use it?   

My only agenda for this one-week period is to set out my ultimate goal of making this world of ours the best place to live for everybody.

All-Star Superman arrives on DVD next spring

     Day 1:  Since I am well-aware of Superman's Superhuman Intelligence and Eidetic Memory enabling me to speak in different languages, I shall use these powers to convene the leaders of the world.  But, I'm not sure how I'd be able to gather them all together in one place with all their security and entourage. Plus, their many demands -- we're talking VIP treatments here. Aaagh. But, hey, I'm Superman with Superhuman Intelligence... I can figure it out just as quickly as the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 

     Or maybe, just to be more practical, I can transport each of the leaders one by one by letting them ride on my back (Flight power).  That is, if they're not afraid of flying and heights. If Lois Lane was able to hold on to me while enjoying the fantastic view of the city, and that was even at night, then I don't see why our leaders will refuse.

      Or the easiest way I could reach out to them is by holding a press con which will be aired via satellite. But, that's too impersonal.  Maybe, this will be okay as a follow through after the face-to-face discussions with them.

       I want everybody to be involved. I want the leaders to feel my passion and burning desire to make this world better for our children. I will enjoin them to be one with me in my plans and empower and rally them to lead their respective countries and people with integrity. 

      Then, after the convention, we'll have cocktails and socials to get to know each other on a personal level. They can go back to their respective countries at their own expense afterwards.

      Day 2: With my Telekinetic Power, I will repair the ozone layer and duplicate nature's role in fixing the holes in our ozone layer.   

      Day 3:  No more wars! With my Superhuman Strength, I will destroy all weapons of war (nuclear, armaments, etc.), weapons of mass destruction and naval bases all over the world. Of course I know where these weapons are being safe-kept. Nothing is hidden from me.  Take note, I have Super Vision with X-ray Vision and Super Hearing.  And yes, I can even smell evil from afar... thanks to my Super OlfactionHahaha! 

     Day 4:  I will put my Superhuman Breath to good use by making super giant ice cubes.  This will solve our melting-glacier problems and reduce the effects of global warming. To preserve the marine life, I will clean the seas, get rid of all garbage found over and under the seas and along the shores and pile them up somewhere where I can destroy them through my Heat Vision.  I will likewise, put up coral reefs which my Enhanced Lung Capacity will enable me to do. 

     Day 5:  This day will be devoted to making our mother Earth greener by planting millions of trees, prioritizing those flood-prone countries, like ours. With my Super Speed power, I can do that in a jiffy.  This will eventually eradicate pollution and will greatly aid in keeping flood at bay.   

     Day 6:  I will set up a Call Center Headquarters which will respond to the people's calls and monitor all parts of the world.  I will need the help of my Super Friends, DC Superheroes, The X-Men, and even The Incredibles, Jack Bauer, Rick and Daryl and Michone who are great zombie-killers, and many others to establish this headquarters. We will all be allies in making planet Earth the best place for everybody. It's my convincing power that will help me to do this. 

     Day 7:  More than the action-filled days I lined-up for myself, day 7 will be devoted to acknowledging my Ultimate Power from which all my powers are sourced from - GodWithout Him, I am nothing.  It is through Him that two of my best powers are manifested - Love and Compassion.

I may be the Man of Steel but I don't want to be the last man standing out there. We all need each other and together, we will all establish a New Earth for us and the generations after us to enjoy.  It's not difficult as it seems.  All we need to do is to make that first step to unleash the "hero" within us. 

How about you, care to share your 7-day agenda if you possess the powers of the Man of Steel?  Why don't you plot your plans and join Schick‚Äôs Superman promo contest now and win movie tickets!  

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