I’m No Longer Interested In N25m Compensation – Baba Suwe Says

Comic actor Baba Suwe says he’s nolonger interested in the N25millioncompensation he asked from theNational Drug Law EnforcementAgency for falsely arresting him ondrug chargesIn a chat with Punch , Baba Suwe saidhe doesn’t want the moneyanymore, just a public apologybecause of how much the arrestaffect both his personal and worklife;“The NDLEA has wronged me and itis meant to find a way to make mehappy. It is a slap on my face. I amnot agitating for the money; I don’tneed it to survive in life.All I want is an apology. If thegovernment can tender an apologyto me and publish it in newspapers,I will have peace of mind and behappy,” he said.He also denied recent reports thathe’s getting re-married soon.“It is not true that I am about to getmarried.Don’t mind those saying it, they aresaying rubbish.There is no atom of truth in it. If Iwould get married, it would not be asecret; everybody would hear aboutit.I also have it in mind to marry awoman that would love me as wellas my children and give me peace ofmind,” Baba Suwe said.