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It's a bird! It's a plane! 
No, it's ME!

Yeah right! :)

But honestly, I think every boy who knows the ' Man of Steel' have gone through the phase of imagining and wanting to be Superman; one way or the other, or have at least even one of his powers.
If you were given the chance to have powers of the MAN OF STEEL for one week, how would you use it?
Superman for 1 Week
Superman for 1 Week
For me, I already have a number of interesting things to do for one whole week if I were able to fly around the world with an amazing strength.

Monday: I would go to North Korea and deactivate all their nuclear armaments to end that long-standing threat to other countries. With my superhuman strength and invulnerability, this would be an easy task. They can hide the weapons all they want but it wouldn't escape my X-Ray vision. :)

Tuesday: In that breath, the rest of the countries peddling the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction would follow. This is to totally eradicate nuclear, chemical. and biological weapons for a more peaceful world. Although this would be a lot of work covering almost 200 countries possibly hiding these weapons, my superhuman olfaction (heightened and accurate sense of smell) could help a lot.

In case I would be harmed in the process, my super-healing factor would come into play.

Wednesday: One of the world's problems today is availability of potable water in some countries. My superhuman speed and s uperhuman breath can help move and distribute potable waters where it is needed.

Thursday:On a lighter note, I would give the whole of Manila a brief icy blow of cold air to beat this dreaded summer heat everyone's complaining about. 12 noon would be a good time. :)

Superman "Man of Steel" Movie
Superman "Man of Steel" Movie
Friday: Did you know that Superman is a living solar battery? His " powers rely on his cells' ability to absorb and metabolize solar energy from local stars like Earth's sun". With the Philippines' current energy crisis specially in Mindanao, I would certainly glad to be of help.

Saturday: Since it's supposed to be a restful weekend, I would work somewhere closer to home. I'd lift a finger to remove the problematic US ship and the Chinese boat stuck on the Tubbataha Reef.

Sunday: More work closer to home - the Scarborough Shoal. I'd lift and fly back all the naval ships of China barricading the Scarborough Shoal back to their homeland and install a huge Philippine flag on the islands of Scarborough Shoal.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I will use the powers of Superman if I had them for at least one week.

In imagining to transform yourself into Superman, you might as well consider transforming yourself with Schick, Free Your Skin.
Transform yourself with Schick
Transform yourself with Schick
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