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Hematoma an epidural hematoma is bleeding lost consciousness while at the time the trauma may be caused by a collision or accident in the head.
Hematoma picture in head trauma:
 - Epidural Hematoma
 - Subdural Hematom
 - Kontusio Serebi
A. Epidural Hematoma Bleeding is located on the surface of the dura mater in Kalvaria outside. Bleeding can come from a branch of middle meningeal artery, granularia pacchioni, gsinus, as well as the fracture line. The location can be in the temporoparietal area (most common, and the posterior cranial fossa in which these symptoms are sudden, (so it must be overcome)
Radiological picture On CT-scan appears hiperdens area which is not always homogeneous, bikonvex to planoconvex shape, placed on the tabula interna and urged the vertical to lateral side of the counter (the space occupying lession). With smooth boundary context, density durameter usually clear, if doubt can be given by IV injection of contrast medium (Intra Venous) so it seems obvious.
B. Subdural Hematoma Is bleeding in the subdural space is located, can be expanded in the hemisphere, causing compression serebi, Peradarahan can be derived from the rupture of bridging veins, ruptured granulasio pacchioni, the expansion of the fossa piamater bleeding, and can also konstusi of cerebral hemorrhage.
C. Kontusio Serebi Minor trauma which causes internal haemorrhagic pachymenigiosis and the CT-scan picture pa: Complex attachment, transudation, which is caused by a different classification - kind of change.