Source:  NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING Newsletter...Summer-Fall 2013    Tag:  thompson center arms

The NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website has grown...a lot...since last year. In fact, as this is written, this year the site has already added 61 new pages...and intends to add 4 more to the 2013 Article-Report menu before the end of the year. Between now and the first of the year, efforts are also being made to upscale the look of the site a bit as well. To help the nearly 150 or so pages currently found at to download quicker, the navigation of the site is being made less cluttered by publishing a series of navigation pages, eliminating the huge drop down link menu that often took 20 or 30 seconds to download. Here's a look at how the 2013 Article-Report menu page has been simplified -


This issue of the newsletter spotlights the shooting with two new rifles...what's happening with our muzzleloading industry...added coverage of muzzleloading on the website...and more - including a call for more muzzleloading hunters to send a comment to the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners in support of legalizing Blackhorn 209.

For more info and more links, go to - NAMLHUNT Newsletter - Summer-Fall 2013