Orgone Energy And Schumann Resonance Products Always Provide Energy Healing

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I felt a very strong, very unpleasant tension in the head initially, particularly on the top where the crown chakra is situated, to the point where I had to lie down for a while so overpowering was the sensation.

Our Orgonium Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products bring about very profound healing, and for some, this may be experienced as slight discomfort or agitation. There is always a certain amount of Energy Recalibration for some time when you first begin using our products. Please note that the body takes 90 days to rebuild the Bloodstream, and another 30 days for every year you have been unwell, so this Energy Recalibration can continue for some time to come.

I had felt the same sensation when I first started using a copper Orgone Pyramid many years ago but to a much lesser degree.

We would highly recommend you remove this toxic Orgonite item from your home.  Our Orgonium Orgone Energy products will harmonize these noxious energies, however to get the most amount of amazing health benefits from our Orgonium Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products, we highly recommend not having Orgonite in your home whatsoever.

After about an hour's rest, the pain went away and I felt  uplifted and very calm. Almost TOO calm actually! :)

Yes, our product have an amazing calming effect on the body, as they completely harmonize and neutralize all noxious energies and their effects on your body, removing an enormous amont of stress from your  Nervous System and your Cardivascular System (Heart).

I also installed the plate on the fridge and noticed that when I held it along with the Orgone pendant the same headache like feeling occurred but less powerful and this time with tension in the chest/heart chakra region. These are indeed very potent tools.

Yes, our Orgonium Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products completely neutralize and harmonize all noxious Mobile Phone and Cell Phone Radiation and the Microwave beams they produce, and we are the first to develop Cell Phone EMF Shields that harmonizer the noxious energies off the Digital screens of iPhones and that been making users of this new type of phone quite ill.

I did however notice that when I spoke on my iphone for around 30 minutes (I had no choice) that I did not have the disgusting 'hot head' sensation for hours afterwards that I usually have but I did still have some kind of head tension. Will this go away as you informed me in an earlier email that it was not necessary to add extra protection on polluting devices if one was already wearing a protective pendant?

This may or may not go away with time, and our Orgone Energy Pendants will go a long way in harmonizing and neutralizing this.  However you may experience less of this “hot head” feeling and  get far greater benefit, especially if you are really sensitive, from having one of our new WiFi Cell Phone Radiation Shields that have now been especially energized to harmonize noxious iPhone Digital Screen energies. 

Personally, I prefer the extra protection of a Cell Phone Radiation Shield in my phone, even though I carry an Orgone Energy Aircraft Harmonizer with me where ever I go.

As for the case with my father's operation in ten days, I wanted to order an Orgone pendant for him as well as a Buddha Schumann Generator for his home before it happened to fortify his body (and mind) and make it more prepared to face the trauma of surgery. He is 80 years old and obviously needs all the help he can get. My query, as I mentioned in our phone conversation, was about the feasibility of receiving these products through express mail before the operation.

Yes an Orgone Energy Pendant will help your Father as it will strengthen and heal his Aura giving him far more protection in Hospital and while he is having Surgery.  Also a Buddha Schumann Generator in his home will be very beneficial, especially in his recover.  We would recommend that he keeps this on his Bedside Table.

I don't feel this is necessary anymore however. I had ordered along with my own Orgone pendant, another Orgone pendant for my partner and decided to give this to my father instead in the meantime and also let him borrow the plate a few days before and after for a less stressful environment which would support his healing.

That is absolutely fine, however, your Partner will miss out on the benefits of not wearing his Orgone Energy Pendant.

My new question then is this: my partner is curious to try this pendant for a day or two to see how he responds to it and then my father would have it and wear it at all times. Since this isn't a crystal or a gem, there should not be an accumulation and mixing of energies between those two but I still want to be sure about it. If I simply smudge the pendant with sage should that be enough or are these things strictly non-transferable?

You would not need to clean nor smudge our Orgone Energy Pendants, and they do not cause accumulation whatsoever.  They work by strengthening and healing the Aura and the physical body, hence they do not need to be cleaned as they are constant Negative Ion Generators that are solid state.   All you may wish to do is wash it, if you feel you need to.

I would also like to know if I can charge these Orgone pendants with Reiki as I am a Reiki master and my father has always benefited from my treatments during times of ill-health. Would that interfere with the particular energies in the Orgone pendant or reinforce them?

You would not need to charge your Orgonium Orgone Energy Pendant with Reiki or anything else.  Reiki is of a much lower energy vibration than an Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance energy infusion, so why would you do this?  

If you did infuse your Orgonium Orgone Energy Pendant with Reiki Energy, this would not interfere with the energy infusion of our Orgonium Orgone Pendants nor reinforce them, due to the fact that Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance and all the other energies we include in the energy infusion of our Orgone Products being a much higher energy vibration.

As for the Buddha Schumann Generator which I will eventually purchase for him, is this the right choice? I chose that over your other products because I know my father would resonate more on a psychological level with this form than another. Does the Buddha Schumann Generator also energize the food in the fridge and the water around it or is that only a feature of the plate?

If you feel that this would be the right choice for your father, and that he would resonance to this energy of other levels of his being, then this would be the right choice.

Yes, the Buddha Schumann Generator does energize food and water, and we have many of these placed on top of Water Drink machines and refrigerators all over the world.  Just placing one on a hard surface in your home, or your Father’s home would automatically do this.   A hard metal surface is best, but  ceramic and wood are also fine.

Our small Orgone Energy | Schumann Generator Disks provides a 20 metre to 30 metre radius of Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance frequencies of protection, depending on what type of surface is it placed on. The harder the surface our small Orgone Energy | Schumann Generator Disk is placed on, the greater the energy field of protection it will generate and provide.

I would like to add that this morning I woke up at 7am after having gone to bed at two and did not feel at all tired. This is nothing less than miraculous for me.  If you're interested, I'll gladly share with you other feedback on your products in the future.

This is not an unusual experience when people place our Orgonium Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products in their homes, which bring about a profound healing on all levels of your being.  Yes we would love you to write some Reviews about our amazing Orgonium Orgone Energy products, and will send you some direct links to do so.  We would really appreciate you do this.

Love, Peace and Divine Blessings always,
Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, KNA, AKA, NAET Adv.II