Orgone Energy And Schumann Resonance Produces Negative Ions

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Buddha Schumann Generator
Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance are the natural energy frequencies that occur in nature, where nature has not been disturbed.  Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance produces negative ions (the good health giving and beneficial ions), which is why we always feel better when spending time in nature such as in a forest or on the beach, or even in the garden. 

Geoclense Negative Ion Generator
Our Orgone Energy products are all infused with octaves of frequencies which create a powerful "Negative Ion" resonance around all of the Orgone Energy products that we produce.  This resonance is the healing component of our Orgone products, extends to around 10 metres, such as our Mobile Phone Radiation Shields, to harmonizing your entire home and property, such as the Geoclense Netative Ion Geneator depending on the actual product and its placement.  
Positive ions (the bad ions) are the ions we want to avoid, and the the ions that occur in cities and built up areas due to disturbing the natural flow of nature.  Positive ions are produced by electrical wiring, electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, mobile phones, cell phones, florescent lights, computers, electronic equipment and many other noxious energies. These are the 'bad ions' that we want to avoid or eliminate, which is why we recommend placing Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance Generators in homes, offices and workplaces. 

For example, when someone is unwell with Cancer, Heart Disease or any other illness, this is because the person has accumulated too many "positive ions" in their body from excessive stress, poor diet, living in cities or not letting go of negative emotions.  To assist in bringing the negative ions back into balance into the body, we recommend they to wrap themselves in an Orgone Energy Blanket , to bring the negative ions back into their body and speed up their recovery and healing process.

We know that you will be more than impressed with the level of improvement in your health and well-being, using our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products , made using our unique Orgonium technology .

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, KNA, AKA, NAET Adv.II
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