Broken Pelvis

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Today was fun. I picked up the puggle puppies from the clinic after getting fixed and took them into work. YAY!!! PUPPIES AT WORK THE BEST EVER!!!

So, hopefully they will end up on a card soon :-)

Wolfie was adopted tonight and the other 6 are going back to Gloria's and they will pretty much be in homes before the end of the day tomorrow!! I have the feed room in my barn covered in news paper with the heater blasting and a big pillow and blanket all laid out for them. I am going to have a mess to clean up in the morning.. LOL!!

Bob K. is coming at 6pm to pick them up and drive them to Gloria... I am not looking forward to the mess in the morning from the puppies.

Gloria and I keep saying how do people do it, breed dogs that is? UGH!! SO MUCH WORK! but then I guess they probably don't really care about them and don't worry about them being clean, happy and healthy.

So, today is also transport day! I got a male JRT, I named him Crash. He was hit by a car and has a broken Pelvis. I feel so sorry for him.

I am not sure of the exact story but he was at the Scioto County Pound. A women felt sorry for him... can you blame her? And paid for him to get checked out by a vet.

The pound said it will heal on it's own but yikes! I am going to call my vet office tomorrow to get him in for X-rays. I just worry that he needs a pin or surgery or something. Poor guy.

They said to leave him on crate rest... not like he can really walk anyways. I did talk to my vet today and they said to just get him out twice a day for potty and make sure he is sleeping somewhere soft and warm. They said it would be about 5 weeks before it would be healed enough for him to be "normal"

I set him up in the office in the garage. I have two heater going in there for him and have him piled with blankets