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Who wouldn’t want to have the powers of Superman, the supposed Man of Steel, even for a week? Hero or no superhero, everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame. If I possess superpowers for just seven days, I would definitely perfom these…

Monday: A Play of Heat Vision

I’d melt every little dirt, scum, and trash on the face of the earth. Who wouldn’t want a better and a more beautiful place to live in anyway? I do! So as the Man of Steel with the power to produce heat from my eyeballs, I’ll start melting all the landfills until they disappear, including the smallest candy wrapper on the streets. Who said Superman can’t do a little housekeeping? Or was earthkeeping the proper term?

Tuesday: Superhuman Breath Showcase   

Continuing with my mission to help save the world, I’d blow my Super Breath up the ozone layer to replenish it. The ozone layer is made up of oxygen after all. So surely, my out-of-this-world Super Breath is all that is needed to keep the world from suffering the destructive effects of global warming. I’m sure you would agree.

Wednesday: Super Intelligence Day

As the Man of Steel, I sure have the ability to speak all languages. Think of it as having a multiple language translator installed inside my brain. So with that ability, I’d meet all the leaders of different nations – and that will include those who are in conflict with one another. Surely, they wouldn’t decline the invitation of Superman? My agenda will be peace and order, brotherhood, and caring for the world. I say we all start living as one nation once and for all.

Thursday: Super Strength Day  

After that world meeting, factions from different areas of the world may start a protest. Not everyone loves peace. Even if none can’t explain why, Superman would have to take down all the bad men and put them in their place. So with my Super Strength, I’d wipe down all terrorists in one blow. Where there is no evil, beauty and kindness sets in. No movie plot can do without the bad guys. So think I should put some action in my piece.

Friday: Unleashing the X-Ray Vision

The nations of the earth can’t be at peace with each other while still harboring weapons of massive destruction. Nobody but Superman can wipe down those. So that’s what I’d do. Using my X-Ray Vision (which is way better than Google’s satellite images I’m sure), I would track down all nuclear, biological, and mechanical weapons of war and destroy them all. It’s a sorry loss indeed, but hey, nobody will need those in paradise.

Saturday: The Real Speed of the Man of Steel

Speed is very important in today’s fast-paced world. So I’ll have to use this superpower too. I’d speed up all the help, the relief, and the resources that nations, groups, and individuals need so that everyone could live comfortably. There won’t be any famine this Saturday and every single day thereafter. The earth will balance up its resources because the Man of Steel (which is me) will deliver food, clothing, shelter, and all of life’s necessities from the rich cities into the smallest of the famine-stricken towns of Africa and the rest of the world. I would even relocate people, races, and tribes where they can all enjoy nature’s endless bounty.

Sunday: See the Man of Steel Fly

Sunday is my last day in power (too bad I'm enjoying it!). Oh well, that’s sad. But I’d end it with a bang. Since all of the major works are done, as Superman, I will fly high into the clouds where everyone could see me. And I’ll leave this message: “You don’t need the Man of Steel to make your lives better. I’ve done most of the part. Now you do your own share. Continue what I have started and nurture it. I’ll be back to see how you all will fair.” And I fly high into the outer space until my powers leave me.

And I suppose I’ll wake up in bed the following morning feeling like I’ve accomplished a major thing! 

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