Are Body Scanners First Step Towards Beam Me Up Technology?

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This whole big deal about the airport scanners got me thinking a little about how similar the body scanning concept is to "beam me up Scotty" on Star Trek.  We're in the day and age of flip phones that are similar to the communication device technology in 1960's Star Trek episodes.  It seems many other developments in technology resulted from the various Star Trek related programs including video teleconferencing, stun gun laser technology, voice activated technology, invisible cloaking devices in the works and the 3D holodeck that is in its early stages of development.
A transporter is a fictional teleportation machine used in the Star Trek universe. Transporters convert a person or object into an energy pattern (a process called dematerialization), then "beam" it to a target, where it is reconverted into matter ( rematerialization). The term transporter accident is a catch-all term for when a person or object does not rematerialize correctly. - Wikipedia
So these airport scanners are linked psychologically with allowing people to travel.  The government hopes one day it will be a requirement to get a scan at all airports prior to flying.  Many, including myself, believe the scanners are being used for sinister reasons by the U.S. government beyond wanting to keep traveler's safe, because the levels of radiation are in question from various studies. Additionally, the TSA has lied about saving the images of people in a database.  Many, including Governor Jesse Ventura, won't fly any commercial airlines ever again until the invasive pat down procedures for those who opt out of scanners are changed. 

Glen Beck on Judge Napolitano's program suggests the government and President Obama is criminal, planning on false flag terrorist strikes to force people to use the body scanners. 

The early days of Star Trek - Most all the technology ideas came true in the future or are in their early stages of development.

So, the U.S. government takes people's DNA in blood samples at birth, now it wants to scan people's bodies at airports? The TSA lied that it didn't save the images of nude people's bodies, and now they're basically molesting and sexually assaulting people prodding them like cattle in order to force them to choose the scanner over pat downs.  Something's up! 

Just a few thoughts others have also expressed:

1.  Radiation may not be the only danger posed by scanners for those who frequently fly.  Like cell phones and the microwave energy dangers to our brains, the scanners may  cause men to have low sperm counts to sterilize the population.

2.  The psychological effects of allowing the government to scan and view one's nude body opens new doors into the human psyche.  Since the scanners are connected with traveling and freedom in many people's minds, it's a way for the government to step in with a control grid over people's bodies, mind and privacy.

3.  The attitude of the TSA forcing its policies on people against their will is evident thus exposing a more sinister underlying intent of the government that's far beyond the issue of safety.

These body scanners are being used to store traveler's images into a database.  We all have to figure out why this information is important to the government and what it plans to use it for.  Perhaps this is just more of a psychological exercise the government wishes to impose forcing its control and violation of people's privacy.  Regardless, many people may want to try saying "Beam me up Scotty" with their flip phones as they stand in the body scanner lines.  Maybe, just maybe he'll respond.