TSA & Backscatter XRay

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Think about it for a moment. A radiologist must undergo years of training, certification, constant professional continuing education, and renew their license to operate the machinery on a yearly basis.

Before they became part of the Great American Theater Troop that masquerades as nationwide airport security, the most often heard phrase from TSA screeners was "You want fries with that?" These are the folks running the backscatter XRay machines. 50,000 slovenly, uneducated, feckless, untrained minions whose collective IQ struggles to rise above single digits.

One need only look at the failure rate Upwards of 70% of TSA screeners when it comes to simply looking at scanned bags, to be concerned with their ability to not only operate, but interpret backscatter images. One security "expert" claims that "it's simply human error." Really? Human error? 70%? Sorry, human error is 10% or less. Seventy percent is incompetence on a massive scale. TSA's new director even admitted "Every test gun, bomb part or knife got past screeners at some airports" during random, covert testing.

Yet, the government wants Americans to stand idly by and let these gommies repeatedly zap us as we stand, arms in the air? Sadly, thousands of traveling sheeples will do so, wholeheartedly believing they are being protected and kept safe.

No thanks...If my choice is to have some untrained former fry daddy relentlessly radiate me or one of his spado buddies play with my junk; I choose the latter.