Source:  FORTNIGHTLY ARTIST POINT RIDE    Tag:  silver recovery x ray film
Rode to Artist Point today for the third every-other-Thursday in a row. I love it so much up there I'd ride it again tomorrow if I could! We left from Kendall making for a 70-miler with just about 6,000 feet of climbing. Please enjoy some pics...
John Pottle and Tom Meloy make the final turn.

Almost there. In the distance, you can see the top of the Artist Point restrooms poking above the snow.
The players: Reg Norbert, Tom Meloy, some McQuaide dude, John Pottle.
Refilling water bottles at Silver Fir Campground.
  Waiting in line for pilot car to take us through repaving segment on Power House Hill. We lucked out and had to wait only about 5 minutes both ways.

Team car shouting encouragement.
At this point, John's got it in the bag.

Tom on the descent; Table Mountain in the background.