Books on quantum many-body theory

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Previously at UQ we have run a few successful book reading groups for postdocs and graduate students. We have worked through parts of
Electronic Correlations in Molecules, and Solids by Peter Fulde
Advanced Solid State Physics by Phillip Philips
A Chemists Guide to Valence Bond Theory by Shaik and Hiberty

A postdoc, Tony Wright, and I are considering starting a new group based on a book on quantum many-body theory. We want a book that makes a strong connection to experiment. I welcome suggestions.

Here is my current suggestions in order of roughly decreasing preference

The Kondo Problem to Heavy Fermions by Alex Hewson.
Although focussed on the Kondo problem, it covers techniques and concepts that are more broadly applicable including Fermi liquid theory, scaling, and slave bosons.
It does connect strongly to experiment.
The e-book is available through the library.

An introduction to Many-Body Theory by Piers Coleman.
This is particularly clear, emphasizes key concepts, and has beautiful illuminating illustrations. But, perhaps we want more connection to experiment.
Available free on-line.

Many-Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics by Henrik Bruus and Karsten Flensberg.
No path integrals. Too many Feynman diagrams? Again, perhaps we want more connection to experiment.
Multiple copies are available in the library.